sisterhood media is driven by community.

we started in 2017.

we envisioned a platform dedicated to nuanced stories on identity. since then, we have produced works seen at film festivals, institutions, and events around the world.

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over the years, we collaborated with community members to produce three series, two films, and two podcasts.

today, our mission remains clear: welcoming communities into new media by featuring them on and off-screen.

we bring people together with our screening series what if media looked like us? ran by our grassroots group moving media forward. this program connects audiences with short filmmakers in different cities across ontario, canada by providing new industry opportunities.

we foster a community of burgeoning filmmakers by leading workshops and offering community engagement roles. sisterhood media strives to bridge gaps between the canadian film industry and marginalized professionals looking for access.

we address the need for film distribution by delivering content on our streaming service, sisterhood media tv. our platform supports filmmakers devoted to telling their stories about queerness, accessibility, race, gender, culture, class, and more, while working towards a better tomorrow.

whether in-person or online, you have the power to access trailblazing stories for and by people like us.

as we say, raise while you rise.